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Our Team

Erin Sheppard

Erin started working for Cheval part-time back when paper files were still a thing and dinosaurs roamed the earth. She grew up riding hunter/jumpers with her family so she knows horses very well.


After finishing her Bachelor's degree at CSUF, she dabbled in real estate and being a stay-at-home-mom. When it was time to get back to work, she signed back on with Cheval and bam! 10+ years went by.


In July of 2021, Erin purchased Cheval from Holly and took over the company. Erin specializes in Mortality/Major Medical and Equine Personal Liability. When she's not in the office, she's either at CrossFit, hiking, backpacking, trail running or anything else physical to help her cope with having a teenage daughter.

Erin on top of Half Dome 2022
Debbie Price at horse show.

Debbie Price

Debbie is an active horse trainer and the proprietor of Priceless Arabians. She has been showing Arabian horses and teaching youths and amateurs how to ride and show horses for over 30 years.


Debbie chose to insure with Cheval Insurance Services way back when it started and her clients are also Cheval’s clients. In 2008, she joined our staff as a producer and has provided amazing service to her clients ever since.


Debbie spends her time outside the office in the horse community and many of her clients are
referrals from other trainers, owners, farms, breeders, clubs, Equine Hospitals and veterinarians. Since she has experienced the world of horses in most every capacity, both personally and professionally, she knows exactly what you need.

Rochelle Davis

Rochelle worked in various fields in business before coming to Cheval Insurance in 1999. She caught on quickly and has become an invaluable Customer Service Representative who primarily handles the liability and ranch renewal process.

Erin will be the first to tell you that without Rochelle, Cheval would be completely lost. Her knowledge and experience as well as her lively personality have created decades-long relationships with clients. Even clients who have since moved on or retired still keep in touch because of Rochelle's undeniable charm and heart.


In her free time, she enjoys working out, making lunch for Erin (okay maybe not but Erin REALLY enjoys it) and watching horror movies.  

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